Loved One Arrested? What You Should Know About Posting Bail

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Loved One Arrested? What You Should Know About Posting Bail

One night I was sitting at home relaxing when my husband called me from jail. He told me he had been arrested and asked me to post bail. I had no idea how bail worked. I didn't know if I should do it, what it would cost or how to go about doing it. I created this website because I know that others may find themselves in the position that I once found myself in. I hope my information helps you make a decision on whether or not to post bail, and teaches you what to expect should you do so.


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What To Ask During A Workers Compensation Consultation

Were you injured on the job and need to use workers compensation? If so, you may want to work with a lawyer to make sure that you are getting the benefits that you deserve. Here is what you should ask when meeting with a lawyer for a workers compensation consultation. 

Do You Specialize In Workers Compensation Cases?

One of the first things you should ask is about the lawyer's experience with workers compensation cases in the past. Some lawyers are more generalized, where they dabble in various aspects of the law. They may have only taken a few workers compensation cases in the past and that's it. However, some lawyers specialize in this area of law. It allows them to be more familiar with how the laws can apply to your case, and help maximize your total compensation. 

How Are You Different From Other Lawyers?

Even if you are working with a lawyer that specializes in workers compensation cases, you should ask how the lawyer is different from other lawyers. They may be able to tell you about their years of experience in these types of cases, or that they have a history of getting their clients the compensation they deserve. Simply being in the court system in your area and knowing the judges can help give your lawyer a leg up over the competition.

Have They Handled Cases Similar To Yours?

You should ask if the lawyer has ever worked on cases similar to yours. If you suffered a slip and fall injury, you'll want a lawyer that has plenty of experience with this specific type of injury. If you have a back injury, it could help that the lawyer has a history of working with back injuries so that they can know what expert witnesses to bring in if necessary. It can also help to know if they had recently had a client with a similar case as yours where that knowledge can be applied to working with you.

In What Ways Do You Communicate With Your Clients? 

It's important to ask how you will communicate with the lawyer if they decide to take your case. Will you be working with the lawyer directly, or will you mainly deal with case workers and paralegals? Do they prefer meeting in person, or meeting virtually? It all depends on how you want to work with a lawyer and if their communication method works for you. 

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