Loved One Arrested? What You Should Know About Posting Bail

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Loved One Arrested? What You Should Know About Posting Bail

One night I was sitting at home relaxing when my husband called me from jail. He told me he had been arrested and asked me to post bail. I had no idea how bail worked. I didn't know if I should do it, what it would cost or how to go about doing it. I created this website because I know that others may find themselves in the position that I once found myself in. I hope my information helps you make a decision on whether or not to post bail, and teaches you what to expect should you do so.


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DUI: 3 Steps To Take If You've Been Arrested For Driving Under The Influence

If you've been arrested for a DUI, you need to act fast to protect your rights. In the days following your arrest, there are certain things you'll need to do. These steps may determine whether or not you're allowed to continue driving while your case proceeds through the court system. They may also help you win your case in court. Here are three things that you must do if you've been arrested for DUI.

Take Detailed Notes

If you've been arrested for DUI, you need to write down as much as you can remember about the events leading up to the arrest, including the traffic stop. Writing things down may help you remember information that could be important to your case. Some of the information you should include in your notes are:

  • How much you had to drink – this will help you determine whether you consumed enough alcohol to be intoxicated
  • Where you obtained your drinks – this will help you track your activities leading up to the arrest
  • What medication you might have been taking – this will help prove if your behavior was caused by prescription medication that you were taking according to doctor's orders

Contact an Attorney

You must contact an attorney, even if you plan on representing yourself – which might not be a good idea. An attorney will be able to explain your rights as well as help you secure a viable defense for the charges against you. When you meet with your attorney, be sure to take your notes with you. Your attorney will help you remember important details that your attorney will need to know.

Notify the DMV

If you've been arrested for DUI in California, you need to contact the DMV within 10 days. This is the time allowed for you to contest the automatic suspension that they will be placing on your driver's license. You have the right to fight the suspension if you notify them within the required 10 days. However, if you don't contest the suspension within 10 days, you might not be able to revisit it later. Unfortunately, that could mean that your driving privileges will be suspended for up to three years.

If you're looking at a DUI on your driving record, you need to act fast. The steps provided above will help you through the process. If you have other questions regarding your DUI, be sure to speak to your attorney as soon as possible. 

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