Loved One Arrested? What You Should Know About Posting Bail

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Loved One Arrested? What You Should Know About Posting Bail

One night I was sitting at home relaxing when my husband called me from jail. He told me he had been arrested and asked me to post bail. I had no idea how bail worked. I didn't know if I should do it, what it would cost or how to go about doing it. I created this website because I know that others may find themselves in the position that I once found myself in. I hope my information helps you make a decision on whether or not to post bail, and teaches you what to expect should you do so.


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Avoid These 4 Mistakes In Your Injury Claim

Being injured in a car accident is probably the last thing you have on your mind. Unfortunately, it can happen at any point in time. One minute you are driving to work and the next you are rear-ended and in a serious car accident. When dealing with a personal injury case, make sure you don't make one of these costly mistakes.

Failing to call the police department to the scene.

If you don't call in the police department to file a report after the accident, there isn't going to be any investigations of the accident scene done. If the other person denies that they were responsible for the accident down the road, you aren't going to be able to prove your case very easily. Calling in an officer allows a statement to be taken and a ticket to be issued to the responsible party.

Failing to get the contact information for all witnesses involved.

Oftentimes, those who are injured in an accident don't think about getting the contact info for the other party and any witnesses to the accident. Many times, witnesses aren't going to hang around the scene long enough for the local police department to arrive on the scene. The scene might be your only chance to secure the information from the other parties. If you don't have all of the necessary information on hand, the insurance company might try to refuse your claim.

Trying to handle your case on your own.

While you might not be required to have a personal injury lawyer on call to handle your case, it isn't something you want to handle on your own. Adjusters will often try to give you far less than what your case is worth because they know they can take advantage of someone who doesn't have legal representation. Don't verbally agree to anything. By hiring an experience attorney from a place like Ryder Law Firm, you can prevent losing out on money that is rightfully yours.

Signing a release form.

Regardless of what the insurance companies might try to tell you, don't sign your name to anything without being instructed to do so by your lawyer. You could end up signing a release that prevents you from going after the other party for personal injuries sustained in the accident.

By making sure to avoid the mistakes above, you can make sure you get the monetary compensation to which you are entitled for your claim.